Rules for Carp Fishing at La Ridelee


These rules are in place to help protect the lake and fish. If you have any questions about the rules, please Contact Us

Barbless Hooks

Absolutely only barbless hooks to be used. (No Barbed or Micro Barbed hooks allowed) If any guest is found to be using barbed hooks, no future bookings will be accepted for Etang La Ridelee.

18lb breaking strain line minimum to be used.

Other Rules For Fishing

Unhooking mats to be used at all times. (4 large unhooking mats provided)
Absolutely No sacking of the Fish.
Fish to be returned to the water immediately after capture.
No fixed lead rigs. Must use lead clip or running lead set ups only.
Please ensure your lead is very easily detachable from your rig if fish breaks line.
All nets & mats to be dipped in the tank adjacent to the Cabin on arrival for protection of the fish.
3 rods maximum can be used per angler.
No shelf life boilies to be used. (Only fresh or frozen)
No lead core leaders.
No braided leaders.
No braided main lines. (Marker & spod rods ok)
No nuts to be used.
No Bait Boats (For protection of the fish – Sorry as the lake is quite snaggy)
Absolutely No spinning for Pike or Zander.
Each Angler must have with him a Korda Carp Care Kit. (For treatment of injured fish)
Please pull in rods which are not attended.

Other Rules

No Swimming.
If the boat is used, Life jacket must be worn at all times.
Boat is used at guests own risk.
No Children allowed in boat.
Only 1 person allowed in boat.
Children’s safety and activities to be supervised at all times.
Children’s safety is 100% responsibility of parents.
No Fires. (Except for BBQ supplied)
No smoking in the cabin (Please do not discard your dog ends if smoking on the grass)
Rubbish to be disposed of in the bins opposite the main gate.
Please do not cut down any trees or bushes or interfere with the wildlife or domestic animals on adjacent farms.
The grounds, lake & Cabin will be clean on arrival. Please leave Etang La Ridelee clean & tidy.
Our representatives may make the occasional visit to ensure you are enjoying your stay.
If they request to look at your fishing rigs, please accommodate them.
Please treat them and local residents with the appropriate respect.